QManga v0.3

Not many changes this time round, a few extra options and some miscellaneous bug fixes.

– Added support for cbz and cbr
– Some window geometry bug fixes
– Faster reload speed
– Added scroll sensitivity options
– Added rotation options
– Added don’t enlarge images option
– Added fit to window height


12 Responses to “QManga v0.3”

  1. para Says:

    you are doing great thing for us – this program is awesome thx thx thx – for all comics fans from Slovakia 😀

  2. Steffe Says:

    I have been using Comicrack for some time but removed it from my computer. Got so tired of all the tweaking and such. This looks like a much simpler and user friendly program. Thanks 🙂

  3. hydrogenbum Says:

    thanks! simple yet efficient manga reader!

    i request a few more options if you don’t mind. 1. bookmark (or at least load the last viewed page at startup) 2. file list sidebar 3. tint/shade (some manga are just too bright i have to wear sunglasses. lol)

    thanks again! ^^

  4. Dagger Says:

    hydrogenbum: Sounds to me like you just need to turn your monitor brightness down a bit.

    I have only two issues with 0.3: number one is that it always starts up in restored mode. I’d appreciate an option to automatically go into full-screen mode on load, since I always end up hitting F11 myself otherwise.

    Number two is that it’s a pain to switch between Japanese and Western reading orders. I don’t do it often, but a hotkey for it would be nice.

    I also discovered two bugs in your zip file support. One is that certain filenames, such as “â.jpg” (but not “証â.jpg”) in a zip file created by 7zip, fail to load, and the second is that files compressed with zip’s Deflate64 mode (7zip can make these too, but watch that your test file compresses enough, or it’ll switch to storing without compression) don’t work.

    I’ve only hit these two bugs once or twice each, so I don’t think either of them particularly /need/ fixing… especially not if it would hold up a 0.4 release with a default-to-full-screen option 🙂

    Thanks for taking the time to release QManga. I don’t think I’d be able to find a better manga viewer.

    • Dagger Says:

      (The filename bug is due to character encoding: renaming the file to 証â.jpg causes it to magically start working because the 証 forces the entire name to be stored in UTF-8. Presumably you or your zip library assume the name is in UTF-8, and throw away any sequence which is invalid in that encoding.)

      Side note: thank you WordPress, for automatically converting my quotes to smart quotes, and my smilies to pictures. If I meant to type smart quotes and insert pictures, I’d have done that in the first place :‍-‍(

  5. Zero Says:

    Great job on the image viewer, I just hope this project isn’t dead. Looks like it has a lot of potential to replace CDisplay IMHO.Here some nitpicking I have that I hope you do not mind. I wish it had some more hotkeys – minimize (m) and exit (x), double mouse click options , hide/small cursor, and already mentioned suggestion is load file in Fullscreen by default option.

  6. Kerr Says:

    Thanks for this great application!

  7. Shonan Monkey Says:

    Great program!

    Any chance of adding a zoom/lens option?

  8. Roshin Alex Says:

    Can you add an Invert Option that inverts black to white and vise versa. Something like Night Mode.
    Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  9. fanofmangas Says:

    Can you add a zoom and a lens ?

    Thank you for your work !

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