QManga v0.2

The way settings are saved has been changed (see changelog), you’ll need to reconfigure them as it won’t read your old settings.

v 0.2 (07-JAN-2011)
– No longer uses an XML file for the settings. All data is now stored in an .INI file, no functionality has been loss and it makes the code cleaner
– Fixed some bugs is fullscreen where the statusbar and menubar would not
follow their settings.
– Fixed image extension case sensitivity bug in archives
– Added some more options in the options dialog
– Show scrollbars
– Option to change background colour
– Options to show menu/status bars in fullscreen
– Fit to window width image sizing option
– Added hotkeys editor
– Added mouse actions editor
– Added a ‘Load next’ menu action. It will load the next valid file in the current folder. Should generally only use it for loading whole archives, else it’ll just load single images.
– Added option to automatically reload the last opened files when QManga is opened.
– Added option to automatically sort loaded files in alphabetical order.
– Added ‘forward one page’ action to adjust to correct left/right reading order
– Minor visual tweaks e.g. window title shows the current image name

The download is a zip, no installation necessary.


16 Responses to “QManga v0.2”

  1. mechjman Says:

    Hi, your app is great! fast and does what I need which is to read manga 🙂
    There is a bug where you open a manga zip file, and when you begin to read and use the arrow keys (up and down), they don’t do anything. To get it working, you need to hit left mouse button before the left and right arrow keys work again.

  2. gundamboyzack Says:

    I made a small registry file that adds “Open with QManga” to the context menu, much easier to just right click on a zip and choose the option, and you’re in! If you’re interested, the reg settings are as follows (obviously my path is customized to where I have QManga on my machine, but it’s not hard to change it)

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\Open with QManga]

    [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\Open with QManga\command]
    @=”\”C:\\Program Files (x86)\\QManga\\Qmanga.exe\” \”%1\””

  3. musmus Says:

    How can I get QManga to read png files? It isn’t in the imageformats.

  4. Tim Says:

    Love the program. A few suggestions to make it better, though.

    CBR and CBZ files- I know changing them to ZIP and RAR makes ’em work, but functionality with this out of the box would be awesome.

    A few more view options, nothing much, but ‘Fit only if oversized’ to width and height would be spiffy

    The ability to rotate the view, if you could at all implement it, would cement this as awesome on toast.

  5. Vibgyor Says:

    I love this program!
    Light and clean and customizable all at the same time~ ❤

    I do have a request.
    Can you add 7Z format support?
    I know it is not as common as other formats, but you still encounter it sometimes.

  6. Wally Says:

    Hi, David.

    I’ve gone to multiple .cbr reader sites now. None of which are mac compatible with the exception of Comical, but that has quite a handful of problems. Is it possible for this to work for a mac? I’m making a collection of Cable Comics for my older sister’s birthday- I figured I’d put a .cbr reader on a thumb drive with the Cable collection.

    ❤ Walter

    • David Says:

      Apologies for the late response, I didn’t get an email notification for some reason.

      Unfortunately QManga uses many Windows only libraries, so making a Mac version isn’t possible at this point

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