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QManga v0.2

January 7, 2011

The way settings are saved has been changed (see changelog), you’ll need to reconfigure them as it won’t read your old settings.

v 0.2 (07-JAN-2011)
– No longer uses an XML file for the settings. All data is now stored in an .INI file, no functionality has been loss and it makes the code cleaner
– Fixed some bugs is fullscreen where the statusbar and menubar would not
follow their settings.
– Fixed image extension case sensitivity bug in archives
– Added some more options in the options dialog
– Show scrollbars
– Option to change background colour
– Options to show menu/status bars in fullscreen
– Fit to window width image sizing option
– Added hotkeys editor
– Added mouse actions editor
– Added a ‘Load next’ menu action. It will load the next valid file in the current folder. Should generally only use it for loading whole archives, else it’ll just load single images.
– Added option to automatically reload the last opened files when QManga is opened.
– Added option to automatically sort loaded files in alphabetical order.
– Added ‘forward one page’ action to adjust to correct left/right reading order
– Minor visual tweaks e.g. window title shows the current image name

The download is a zip, no installation necessary.