QManga v0.1

QManga is a manga reading application I developed to use in place of CDisplay.  I like CDisplay, but it’s outdated UI and lack of active development put me off.  Right now QManga is simple and usable but it’s early in development so lacks some key features.

I will be developing QManga in my spare time, hopefully incorporating some user feedback into my design so criticism is welcome.


  • Reads images within ZIPs and RARs without extraction
  • Support for ZIPs within ZIPs
  • Unicode support
  • A visual ‘Go-to image” dialog
  • Can add whole folders (including subdirectories)
  • Dual page viewing and Japanese reading mode
  • Remembers last opened files
  • Next/previous folder navigation (skips to the next loaded subdirectory or archive)

Some things are still limited though, it can’t load rars in zips, or zips in rars, or rars in rars (basically only zips in zips are supported for embedded archives).  There is no interface for editing hotkeys, but most of them can be changed by editing the generated .xml file.

Download here

22 Responses to “QManga v0.1”

  1. shaqqs Says:

    hey i really want to know how to upload comics on a website.
    i want to create awebsite like
    but i dont know which add-on do they use.
    i want the whole page to refresh wen visiting thee next page…
    and i want to be able to upload comics in a systematic order
    plz reply

  2. David Says:

    Sorry, I have no idea

  3. cruel Says:

    it own’t install properly? any ideas?

  4. cruel Says:

    also does this correct the page loading system? you know lik ein cdisplay if the pages weren’t ordered correctly iy would skip form 1,10,11, etc instead of 1,2,3,4. Is this fixed in your app?

    • David Says:

      it won’t sort the images so they’ll be shown in the order they are loaded i.e. how they are seen in your folder. If windows sorts them by name, they’ll be fine. However it will automatically sort the images in archives by name and the numbering system will also be correct.

  5. Jason Says:

    it won’t install properly it kepts saying something like :
    Error opening file for writing ,, and then the destination where i was going to install in.. any idea??
    help please 😀

    • David Says:

      It could be that you don’t have permissions to write to the Program Files folder. Try running the installer as an administrator, or install it somewhere else, like in your My Documents folder.

      • Jason Says:

        yea it worked thanks a bunch,
        i installed it by “run as administrator”
        thank you !

  6. Dagger Says:

    Any chance of getting source code? There are some bugs that I’d like to fix and some extra features I’d like to add (such as better page handling in two-page mode).

    • David Says:

      I’m not prepared to release the source but I may be able to work on those bugs/features

      • Dagger Says:

        (Sorry for the long response time.)

        The biggest issue is getting pages to display on the right sides in two-up mode. It’s very easy to end up with a left page showing on the right side and vice versa. The easiest way to fix this is probably to add a shortcut key that displays the current left page (in Japanese mode: right page) on its own, so that on the next page-down the old right (left) page will have changed side.

        Other than that, there’s nothing that desperately needs fixing. The file extension is case-sensitive when reading out of an archive, but in practice I haven’t found that to be much of a problem. The menubar and statusbar are hidden when loading if the program was in full screen mode when it was last exited (but this is the only way to hide them, which can be useful to do at times.)

        The other thing I wanted to do was to add some extra shortcuts from ACDSee: backspace and mousewheel scroll to change pages, and middle mouse click to toggle full-screen mode. Again, this is something I can live without, but it would make life easier for people coming from ACDSee.

    • David Says:

      Everything you’ve listed will be quite simple to add, in fact about half of it I’ve already added or fixed :). Expect it very soon!

  7. WML Cloud (@wmlcloud) Says:

    Great Application, reviewed it on my website here: http://www.wmlcloud.com/windows/get-qmanga-the-manga-reader-which-can-read-many-comic-formats/

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