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QManga v0.1

January 28, 2010

QManga is a manga reading application I developed to use in place of CDisplay.  I like CDisplay, but it’s outdated UI and lack of active development put me off.  Right now QManga is simple and usable but it’s early in development so lacks some key features.

I will be developing QManga in my spare time, hopefully incorporating some user feedback into my design so criticism is welcome.


  • Reads images within ZIPs and RARs without extraction
  • Support for ZIPs within ZIPs
  • Unicode support
  • A visual ‘Go-to image” dialog
  • Can add whole folders (including subdirectories)
  • Dual page viewing and Japanese reading mode
  • Remembers last opened files
  • Next/previous folder navigation (skips to the next loaded subdirectory or archive)

Some things are still limited though, it can’t load rars in zips, or zips in rars, or rars in rars (basically only zips in zips are supported for embedded archives).  There is no interface for editing hotkeys, but most of them can be changed by editing the generated .xml file.

Download here